Gallery installation: a love song to earth -– 19 golden hexagons in a screen-printed wall mounted installation (based on the base of a fluorescence air telescope and sized to be equal to the Hubble) exploring the visual language of science and art – combining vector and hand driven drawings, scientific diagrams and notation to produce a synthesis of images which explore the idea of the higher emotions. Sunsong one the companion sound installation combines the sound of the suns radiation with human heartbeats. Sunsong two a 3D print of the “singing” Rosetta comet (supplied by UKATC) ultimately helps explore these concepts based around universal love. The sun emitting radiation at the highest frequency in our universe and the law of vibration, a law which states that nothing rests, means that the sun offers an emotional high beyond any human understanding of the concept of love or the higher emotional states. It provides a physical love song to humanity.
What I am exploring is completely inspired by the creative response of Ann Druyan (the wife of Carl Sagan) who made recordings of her brainwaves and heart rates in an attempt to define what it felt like to be in love for the cultural time capsule the golden records which Voyager 1 now carries as it leaves our galaxy travelling into deep space on a journey that began in 1977. Carl Sagan died in 1996 but the recordings of their love still flow out into the void on an eternal voyage through the cosmos. This beautiful sentiment is meant more as a symbol of our species’ altruistic potential than a conscious attempt to communicate with alien societies and re-enforces my own humanity. images © alastair clark